How do I clean my JWorld® luggage or bag?

We recommend you clean your luggage or bag with a soft moistened cloth as necessary. Remove all items from bag before cleaning. Another great tip to remove dirt and dust from ballistic nylon fabric is using an adhesive lint brush roller. Do not machine wash or use any detergent or bleach. Hang to dry.


I am a retailer and would like to to carry JWorld® products, who do I contact?

We would be honored for you to carry JWorld® products! If interested, please contact our Customer Service Department (1.201.996.0150) or send an email to as they will put you in touch with the appropriate Sales Representative.

Where can I purchase JWorld® products?


I don’t know how I would survive without my JWorld® bag, and I need a replacement part. How do I get that?

You can speak to us directly at  +1.201.996.0150 after asking you a few customary questions about your product, a consumer service representative will determine the type of part or repair work needed to make your bag like new again. We will then issue you a repair number and inform you of the next steps that will be taken to ensure an efficient replacement transaction. Or for your convenience, you may contact a service representative via email at:


What makes JWorld® products better than other leading luggage brands?

JWorld® has become a world-class luggage provider that is credited for it superior craftsmanship and stylishly innovative designs. You will enjoy using our unconventional travel pieces that are designed and manufactured with strictly your high expectations in mind. Delivering nothing other than the highest quality, we vow that after experiencing the ease and convenience of our products, JWorld® will have you hooked for life. We will also provide you with on-going and premium customer service long after the initial sales are made.


Do JWorld® products have a warranty?

JWorld® products are warranted to be functional and free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event of defects appearing in our products, we will promptly repair the item or replace the product (if it cannot be repaired) at no additional cost to the consumer. This warranty does not apply to the following: accidental damage, normal fading and product damage that are a result from abuse of the product, or improper use or damage from a common carrier. It should be expected that wheels and moving parts will show wear after being used over a duration of time, and that eventually they may need to refurbished or replaced. This type of normal wear and tear is not covered by our warranty.

Please return the defective product and include the following:
1) Description of the defect
2) both the original purchase receipt and warranty card


How do I return or exchange my JWorld® product?

It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality and stylish bags available in the market. Given the uncommon circumstances of not being in love with one of our products that you have purchased, you may return the product within 15 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding S&H cost). The product must be returned in UNUSED and identical condition as when received, in its original packaging.


How can the ergonomically enhanced designs benefit me?

After teaming up with top engineers, we were able to create one of the most innovative and ergonomically enhanced pack available in the market. We realize the importance of catering to all our loyal consumers who suffer from problematic back issues and discomfort. Our S Shaped ergonomic design consists of a load-transporting system that is least hazardous for one’s posture, movement and original balance existing within the body. The difference between our ergonomically supportive bag, and your average back pack, is that the weight of the pack is not positioned on or inflicting strain on the shoulders, but instead placed on your hips, being that they are naturally more stable and supportive. This placement will keep contents from shifting, matching with the gravity possessed by our bodies. This carrying system would be the most favorable choice for any active individual, and will serve as a superb companion on all of your extreme sport adventures.