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3-Pack Unisex Reusable & Washable Fashion Copper Face Masks-Medium

Color: SOLID

Reusable Fashion Copper Mask (Medium 3 piece set - Mask for women)

  • Anti Bacterial & Deodorization
    Antimicrobial Face Mask with copper infusion helps to suppress bacteria and harmful germs. It also removes foul odors
  • Strong Filtering
    High density Polyester, Nylon fabric with Copper Infusion offers maximum protection from germs leading to respiratory infections
  • 3D shape design
    Breathable Face mask : 3D facemask design gives more breathing room
  • High Elasticity
    Highly elastic ear band adds comfort throughout the day
  • UV Blocking effect
    UV blocking to protect skin
  • Reusable Face Mask
    Washable Face Mask : Hand wash thoroughly with soap and warm water & Reuse after drying
  • Individually packed
    Reusable Face Mask is Individually packaged