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Travel stress free with versatile rolling backpacks

While traveling, it’s important to have versatile luggage for convenience. One of the most reliable and convenient ways to carry your luggage is to use a rolling backpack.

In this article, you will get to know 3 of the best rolling luggage bags that you must have for traveling in 2020.



Dustin 20-inch Laptop rolling carry-on is one of the most versatile traveling bag you can find. You do not have to purchase extra backpack as the model comes with detachable backpack that you can carry around. Store your clothes in main carry-on compartment and books and valuables inside of backpack. When you arrive at your destination, you can detach the backpack from carry-on and travel light with backpack only.



One of the best rolling backpack one must have is this Sundance laptop back that can store many things at a single time. It is available in various colors and designs. Its padded laptop case can hold your 15.4 inches of laptop. With its multi-functional storage compartments, you can use it for your laptop and other things too. Its three-stage locking handle with push button and padded grip handle allows you to have a strong grip of the bag without slipping. It is easy to use and can be fit under the plane seat and overhead compartments.



Sunrise rolling backpack is the most fashionable rolling backpack in the market. The backpack comes in variety of patterns and with color matching bottom mold for durability. With the help of its padded back, it is easy to carry on shoulders too. It has three staged locking handles that enable it to ensure proper locking and everything. Its front pocket holder comes with organizers for stationery.



Traveling isn’t always fun when you have to carry heavy luggage. So it’s important to pack your belongings in versatile bag with wheels. This will help you stay stress and pressure-free while traveling.

These rolling bags listed above are one of the most reliable rolling bags you can find. Apart from the luggage carrying ability, these bags are aesthetically beautiful, adding styles to your travel.